• Mike Thiele

Creatures Of Habit

With the end of the year approaching and many people already turning their attention to next year’s goals or next year’s plan, I wanted to take a moment to think about why, for so many of us, do we fail to achieve the goals or targets we set?

What is a habit?

A habit is an action or series of actions that we perform in our subconscious. We do not have to think about them, they become autonomous, they just happen. We all have good habits and we all have bad habits but what I am focusing in on here is do our habits enhance our quality of life or detract from it? I invite you to look at your habits closely and ask yourself the same question.

Have you ever got in the car to drive and driven to the wrong place? Wondering how you didn’t recognise on the way that you were driving to the wrong destination? Or have you ever driven to or from work and not had much recollection of your journey?

Our minds become conditioned to doing things in a certain way due to the fact we do them over and over again. Not having to think about everything you do can be a great thing when it’s for simple tasks. But what about when negative actions become habits?

· Harbouring anger or jealousy for others / situations beyond our control

· Spending too much time on our mobile phones scrolling endlessly through the lives of others and letting our own lives pass us by