• Mike Thiele

Rugby Hurts: How to Prevent Injuries Becoming a Long-Term Problem

As we head towards the Rugby World Cup, we’ve put together some resources on the topic of rugby injuries.

Did you know?

· The hooker (No.2) is the most injured player on the field, accounting for 26% of all injuries

· The No. 1 shirt suffers more shoulder injuries than any other players

· The No. 3 shirt ranks highest in the ankle injury charts

· The No. 10 shirt suffers the most concussions

Rugby is a fast-moving, high-intensity team sport. It’s played by both men and women at all levels and the benefits of participation are many, ranging not only from a wide variety of fitness and health benefits, but also social and wellbeing benefits.

However, as a sport, it also boasts a high injury rate, with as many as 1 in 4 players being injured during a rugby season. The injury rates of rugby are three times higher than those of football.

On average a player will perform 20-40 tackles per match and as 60% of all injuries are to the tackler, this puts a lot of people out of action during the rugby season.

The two age groups that experience the most injuries are the 10-18 age year group and the 24-34 year ago group. In the younger age group, this is probably down to differences in developmental stages, some mature early, while others take a little longer to catch up. In the older age group, it could be down to the intensity of training and match play, although there’s no hard, fast evidence for this.