• Mike Thiele

What can you expect for your first appointment?

Case History/Assessment

Before you get on the table we want to make sure we are as effective as possible, so we do a case history and assessment at the beginning of your first session.

Intake Form

You will fill this out at the start of your session. This is mainly to ensure you don’t have any contraindications that prevent you from receiving a massage and also the start of your case history.

Case History

We will review the form and discuss the reason you have come in to get a better understanding of what it is and contributing factors, such as lifestyle or previous injuries.


Most first appointments include a postural assessment. This can often be done through clothes, but depending on what we’re focusing on you may need to undress to underwear – feel free to bring along a pair of shorts or vest top. We will also look at your movement around the affected area, to get an idea of your range of movement and levels of discomfort. Very often, especially in the first session, we will re-assess during the treatment to see how the body is responding to the work.